Bungalow or Row House Exterior walls- Painting or Cladding

When someone visits your place, the very first thing which catches their eye is your exterior walls that leave the impact on their mind how you maintain your house, your care and the way of your living. That’s why the people are more concern about the looks of their exterior walls and they want something creative and aesthetic work along with the magical benefits. For this problem, only one complete solution of cladding can stop your search here.

To protect the walls from extreme weather conditions and give them more attractive look, claddings are introduced in market. It’s like the building skin that covers the whole or partial structure to provide complete protection. For the rapidly changing demands of the people, technologies also had to be improved therefore there are many of the claddings available that can be easily found in different styles, types, and materials choices. Mostly people prefer PVC materials due to their easier cleaning or maintenance rather than the woods or break work. These can be availed in unique designs, attractive colors, and many other varieties.

Judging the quality of cladding depends on its high insulation, long life, less labor cost, easier installation, resistivity to vermin entry, water, mechanical damage, wind, chemical and other harmful effects. All these things could be benefitted if you have perfectly planned and decided the implementation of the project.


Everybody takes good care and pays attention to decorate the interior but what about your exterior shields. If you have not planned yet then just think about giving a classy and stylish look to your boring and dull walls by choosing the perfect paint colors. This could be theme based, surface based or region based as per your requirements. Your walls require proper & regular maintenance, therefore before painting the walls you need to check the cracks or the places where repairing is required. For this many of the fillers, putty and other materials are available in market.

You don’t need to be confused about choosing the painting or cladding for your exterior walls. Just take the advices from experts, look at your budget and then plan accordingly. If your give the preference to the painting this could lead to the long process as compare to claddings but could benefit in other aspects like you can change the color in future, real textures and if your mind and heart take you to the claddings, then u may find plenty of the options with their unique attributes like their easier maintenance, fade protection, impact resistance, moisture proof, durability and so on.