Kitchen Cabinets-How to select One?

Installing or replacing kitchen cabinets is an expensive proposition, but it will make a big difference in the look and decor of your kitchen and home. There is a wide spectrum of options (for cabinets) available to choose from different styles, materials and colors. A visit to a home improvement store will give you great ideas on the types of cabinet you want. You may even be able to get a simulated (computer designed) model of what your kitchen will look like with the new cabinets.

So when you go shopping for cabinets, bring with you all the inputs of your kitchen. Measure the width of appliances, windows and all other areas. This will help the planning process.

There are many choices available for kitchen cabinets but least expensive of the lot is ‘value cabinets’. You will not have the range of style and color in ‘value cabinets’ vis-à-vis ‘custom’ or ‘semi custom cabinets’, but they are generally quite economical. The style of doors and drawers are basic. ‘Semi custom cabinets’ offer a wide range of style, design and additional options. Whereas, in ‘value cabinets’, there is no option when it comes to the size of these cabinets (they are of standard size), but there is a choice in terms of color and type of wood.

You can choose from many different storage options with ‘semi-customs cabinets’. Items like a wine rack, trash-take-out, drawer divides, pull shelves and built in spice racks are just some of the options they have. You can choose between the storage and aesthetics of these functions based on your utility.

The most expensive choice among cabinets is ‘custom cabinet’. As the name suggests, these pieces are designed and manufactured specifically for your kitchen. They’re not at all limited in style, color, timber, equipment or any other department. This comes at a premium and quality of furniture is also higher and cabinets will be custom made for your kitchen. A designer will measure your kitchen and discuss the design of the cabinets with you to find the perfect choice for you.

Now that you know what the choices are, you should first of all decide on a budget for your kitchen cabinets. This will determine what level of cabinets you’ll be choosing from. But even for a level of cabinets, including the stock, there may be a wide range of prices. When you start to think about the budget, you need to consider how many years of use and enjoyment you will get from your kitchen. If you will be moving out soon, you may not want to spend too much, but if you are planning to stay for a long time, it may be feasible to put more into this investment.

The most important thing is not to sacrifice quality to save a little money. A simple design which is of good quality is always better than a fantasy design that is of poor quality. Check the cabinets and make sure that the door open toward the right side, the drawers open smoothly and there is no noise when you open them. A well designed and nicely built kitchen will not just make it look beautiful but also enhance the cooking experience.