Perfect paint for your home/office

The color you choose reflects the mood of the place and thereby it defines the mood of the residents/workers. While selecting the perfect shade for your home/office, always remember the ‘6O 3O-10 Rule’: 60% should be a dominant color, 30% should be a secondary color (this is normally the color of the furniture) and 10% must be one shade lighter or a sharper tone.

Renovating home with a color trend that is unexpected (but not odd or tacky) adds a “wow factor” and complements with the wall, cushions, rugs and other accessories.

What’s more unexpected than an explosion of orange? The tangerine color is the perfect color for a wall, its fun, vibrant and it is the ideal shade for a home that tries to be versatile. If you want to transform your furniture to complement with bright color and fun tone, venture with a bright green color. This will help you ensure that your home looks brighter, filled with air and will bring a touch of nature.
You may set the table with a white linen tablecloth and upholstered chairs. We suggest you add a mat with soft neutral colors and combine them.

The kitchen: The bright yellow color is cheerful and it’s a great color for the kitchen. It is bright, clean and fun and this color may work well for a wall or for the entire kitchen.

The Bedroom: For an elegant way into your bedroom, try a deep neutral tone and accompany it with a deep blue color and turn it into a place of perfect relaxation. The blue color goes well with almost any thing in the house, which is why it is the perfect background color to hang art and tapestries.

The Restroom: We suggest you convert your restroom into a personal spa with a shade of blue or green. Add white towels, a simple shower curtain and some candles and then you will get the perfect place to start and end your day at! Office: Neutral colors are ideal for your home or office, because they help to stay focused on work. Make sure you chose a versatile tone. Colors are known to have an influence on people. To maintain neutral mood, try a deep brown-gray color. You wouldn’t want the shades to distract you when you are working in your office and when you walk into the office in the morning. Here you will find a small inventory of the “effects” of colors you might want to put in your office:

The power of White: White is a complete color because it is combination of all possible shades. Hence it implies healthy and energetic environment. Ideal for an office with relatively brighter furniture shades.

Yellow: Symbol of warmth, joy and cheerfulness. This shade is also perfect for an office. It will promote motivation and desire to move forward. Orange: Orange has a positive effect on the human body. It brings a warm welcome and is recommended for home rather than an office.

Red: It represents courage and dynamism. It is very challenging and suitable for brainstorming room in an office.