An interior of a location or an infrastructure defines the meaningful association of the person/people who lives in it and sets an example of their peaceful existence in the available space.
The style value of the ever changing dynamic environment is enhanced with the use of functional and utility based concepts, which is able to create an innovative and creative expression. Thus, we are lucky to have a team of able interior designers with the instinct of understanding the true nature of the space and the people who are going to stay in it. This instinct guides them in creating the finest interiors that suits the choice of clients.


People in our team, have abilities of identifying the meaning and purpose of a design and can easily create the idea about the visual composition of the available space, based on the two and three dimensional objects.

Every member of our team is good in creating a good perception just by having an eye on the location to develop a series of composition that transforms itself into a meaningful form/interior.



Co-Founder and Managing Director

  • Email: rachitarora@oxedeainteriors.com