Types of Tables

A table is a prominent piece of furniture in a dining room, kitchen or living room. Lloyd is a table that is easy to use in any home, but also in the office or in the garden. The playful point-like legs at the end of the worksheet are positioned so that the head of the table creates a practical seat. The different finishes this neutral table the ideal base for your dining room or workspace. The table is best known in the black powder, but is available in a number of other timeless colors.

Special features of the table type Lloyd:

– The flexibility of sheet as worksheet makes the table firmly with four legs on the ground. No wobbling, even if the floor surface is uneven.

– The table is available as a dining table or bar table in four commonly used sizes.

Coffee tables: The coffee table is an essential element of the show. It suggests the release after a day’s work when you’re relaxing on your couch with a good book or a cup of tea.
Here are some tips to make his choice: For the style of the table, everything depends on your tastes and style of your home: classic, design, exotic, retro.
To make your choice, the arrangement of your furniture and your space will weigh in your selection. If you’re more the type to dine while watching TV, better to invest in a table that is in harmony with your living room: a wooden table preferably square or elongated.
For the size of the table, study space in advance before making your purchase. There must have air between the sofa, the table and the surrounding furniture so that you can move and not be condemned by your coffee table!
It does not take any more than it is or too high or too low in relation to your sofa. Of course, if you have a futon, you can invest in very low furniture.
If you have a small living room, you can give relief to your room with a transparent glass table; it will illuminate your room or while an adjustable table or pull.
If you have a large living room, you can indulge yourself by offering you a massive table, wood or pine that reflect the spirit of your inner authenticity, conviviality.
If you have a corner sofa, you should choose a rectangular, preferably elongated.

Dining Tables: There are several kinds of dining tables both in shape (round, square, rectangular, extensible or not etc.) As material before making your choice, it should ask you about the utility you want to give this table and the constraints of your dining room, especially in terms of space.

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We recommend that you set your priority. Receive? Make meals together? Make family meals? Your table should meet your needs and your desires. Moreover, besides its usefulness, this centerpiece is a decorative object that will fit into the overall style of the room.

Also check the style of living in which we live. Thus, the table should be consistent with the design of the room (Modern, vintage, classic), because it forms part of the decoration. But it helps to even the mood of the room. Thus, a round or oval table encourages conviviality. A product of rectangular shape, however, is more suitable for family meals while watching TV, for example.

The shape of the table:

The round table: To give a romantic effect to your room, choose a round table, provided you have enough space. The advantage of a round table is its warmth. Indeed, each face to face that encourages conviviality. Finally, some panels may wish to expand through an extension and thus become oval table, which increases its ability but can make him lose a little charm that gives its initial shape.

The square table: If space in your dining room is rather small, it will be better to choose a square table. It is the ideal platform for a young couple or a single person. In addition, it may be placed in another room where the household grows.

The rectangular table: The rectangular table is naturally more formal. By its length, a distance is created between the guests. However, it offers a large capacity. We advise you to opt for a rectangular table if you have a large family or receive large numbers.